Snow White woke up with prince’s love. Like that, this project is filled with love.

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Scientifically unexplainable recoveries happen and this leaves us in wonder.

Terumi Okuyama, Okuyama Hospital Director, (medical corporation, Aika-kai)

Message for the Snow White Project

Doctors diagnose those patients who have had a stroke or brain damage and fell into a coma will develop a vegetative state, Among them there are some who miraculously gain their consciousness and are able to move their hands and legs, and also are able to communicate by words.
Every brain surgeon as well as nursing staff has experienced these kinds of miracles. However, modern medical science does not call these phenomena “miracles.” They are categorized as exceptions and the cases are ignored because these cases cannot be explained scientifically as to how they recovered, even if many examinations are conducted.
Nonetheless, there must be something. Something exists. Like the history of Renaissance tells us, new ideas can pop out from something very small.
Why did Snow White wake up? A tragedy happened to naive Snow White who trusted everyone. The seven dwarfs who gave devoted care to her led the Prince to the forest, which became filled, with an aura of love. His kiss awakened her and Snow White lived happily ever after.
We do not know why the miracle of awaking happens. However, if I look back at every patient who gained one’s conscientiousness, that person was a positive individual who always had a smile. Their families did not only depend on their prayers for healing, but also were filled with deep caring, love and appreciation for others.
In Chinese medicine, our body and world are governed by Yin and Yang. This is the Universal Principle. Therefore, not only the god for death but also the god for life would come to those patients who have a persistent vegetative state. The god for life would pass through hospital rooms so many times.
It may be those smiling faces and surrounding love that would make the Prince kiss the patient.
I would like to support “the Snow White Project” with all my heart.
Terumi Okuyama

Profile of Terumi Okuyama

He is the same age as Kakko-chan. They have many similarities and he is a bit eccentric.
He graduated from Kansai Medical University in 1982,
and he joined the brain surgery department. He had influence from Prof Hiroshi Matsumura, and he started to study Chinese medicine and psychosomatic medicine.
Until 40 years of age he worked at an emergency hospital as a brain surgeon, a general surgeon, plastic surgeon and orthopedist.
When he was 41, he opened Okuyama Hospital in Kadoma City, Osaka. He started holistic medicine, which cares for body and mind by Western and Chinese medicine. Then he also started “Hypnotherapy for Purposeful Life” and developed his own spiritual care.
He is a specialist in brain surgery, Chinese medicine and anti-aging study.
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