Snow White woke up with prince’s love. Like that, this project is filled with love.

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In the documentary I have once introduced a Man who was declared comatose but recovered and eventually got back into society. - Yuuji Kiroiwa, supporter of the Snow White Project

Message for the Snow White Project

In the documentary I have once introduced a Man who was declared comatose but recovered and eventually got back into society.
Mr A clearly remembers hearing his family saying, “He won’t survive.” Around his bed in ICU.

Nurses believed he could hear and understand but just wasn’t able to talk.
They attended him accordingly.
After all, Mr. Snow White woke up!
I’d like to support this project and look forward to seeing many Snow White wake up.

Yuuji Kuroiwa, governor general of Kanagawa prefecture

Profile of Yuuji Kuroiwa

In 1980, after graduating from School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University, Mr. Kuroiwa joined Fuji Television Network, Inc.
After leaving Fuji Television Network, Inc. in September 2009, Mr. Kuroiwa was made a professor at International University of Health and Welfare Graduate School.
Mr. Kuroiwa left International University of Health and Welfare Graduate School in March in 2011 and became governor of Kanagawa Prefecture in April of the same year.
At Fuji Television Network, Inc., Mr. Kuroiwa belonged to the Sales Department for the first three years, and had been a news reporter at Politics and News Departments. After working as a program director, he became an anchorperson for "FNN Super Time" starting in 1988.
Mr. Kuroiwa had served as an anchorperson for "News Report 2001" televised every Sunday morning for five years, and became a new reporter stationed in Washington D.C. starting in April, 1997. Returned to "(New) News Report 2001" as an anchorperson in 1999. He has won the 16th Hoso Bunka Foundation award as well as NAB Award in 1990 for the "Emergency Medical Care" campaign (1989-1991), which Mr. Kuroiwa planned, covered and edited. The campaign paved a way for introducing a system for the qualified paramedics.
In addition to the above, Mr. Kuroiwa served as a producer and an anchorperson for the popular documentaries such as "Moving story about the nurses on the front line" and "Miraculous survivors". Awarded with NAB Award twice for "Moving story about the nurses on the front line" in 1993 and 2002. Furthermore, served as a producer for "Freddy the Leaf", a musical arranged by Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, M.D.

In September 2009, after 21-year of experience as an anchorperson, he left Fuji Television Network, Inc., coincided with the end of "(New ) News Report 2001", which had run for 15 years. Subsequently, Mr. Kuroiwa was made a professor at International University of Health and Welfare Graduate School; however, he left the School to run for governor of Kanagawa Prefecture.


Official website of Mr. Yuuji Kuroiwa, governor of Kanagawa Prefecture


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