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Nursing methods that require minimal strength to move a patient into a wheelchair.

It is very important to raise the patient’s body to a sitting position in the bed, or sitting up in a wheelchair in order to prevent disuse syndrome, and help improve their general awareness.

We need easy nursing methods because care has to be carried out every day. Learning the nursing methods requiring minimal strength is pleasant for both carer and patient. However, if you are worrying about patients who have osteoporosis whereby it is easy to break their bones, or who risk aspiration pneumonitis when in the sitting up position, please consult the doctor.

Nursing Methods Video

1.Kakko chan’s nursing method

This method allows a person who has no physical strength to care for people. We would like many others to know this method and use it, because it makes nursing much easier for both carer and patient. Since a person who is nursing does not have to use his/her maximum physical strength, the patient can be at ease and does not experience mental stress.

[Warning!] It may cause back problems and other injuries if a person overstrains oneself.

>Do not lift the patient’s body up with physical (muscle) strength.
>Do not bend your legs, and put your upper body backwards.
>It is better to practice with a light object first, and when you get the hang of it, then try it out with a patient.

>Consider the principle of leverage (a fulcrum) and using your own and the patient’s weight, not your physical strength.
>Place yourself as close as possible to the patient’s head and body, and shift the patient’s center of balance closer to you. The closest position is when you put the patient’s head under your armpit.
>When you lift the patient’s body or transfer him/her to wheelchairs, shift the patient and your weight backward a little, and keep balance. Do not use your physical strength, but use the patient and your own weight.
>When you help the patient stand up, push his/her knees with your knees, so that his/her knees will not buckle.

2.Akira Kawano’s nursing method (YouTube)

3.Nursing methods for changing the body position -   make both the carer and patient happy

Feature 1: Do not use physical strength
Feature 2: It has a rehabilitation effect
Feature 3: The patients have a more positive outlook.

Changing the patient’s body
position sideways towards you

Let the patient stand up
from the chair

Transferring the patient
to the wheelchair

Let the patient sit down