Snow White woke up with prince’s love. Like that, this project is filled with love.

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This is Not a Miracle. It is the bonding of love for patients by those who cared.

Yutaka Nagahori, Deputy Director and Head of Surgery Department of Yokohama Marine Insurance Hospital

I want to make this recovery as the norm of medicine.

I met Kakko-chan, Katsuko Yamamoto, for the first time when she gave a lecture at Shiba in Tokyo. I remembered that I was at a loss for words when I saw Miyapu's head CT SCAN.

Nevertheless I was amazed that Miyapu recovered remarkably. I told Kakko-chan, “This recovery is a miracle made by Miyapu’s strong will and Kakko-chan and others’ love.”
Kakko-chan stopped smiling and became serious. She told me, “This is not a miracle. I want people to recognize this recovery as the norm of medicine”. I felt a bit ashamed listening to her.

If we conclude this recovery was just a miracle made by Miyapu and Kakko-chan, Then it just happen to someone special and can’t relate to everyone. It was a strong comment. This made me to think of always what we must do best for patients.
The condition necessary to make this Miyapu’s recovery a norm of medicine is love for patients and bonding of those who care. I firmly believe that Japanese possess this attribute.
I will sincerely support the Snow White Project, which is a realization of Kakko-chan’s deep love and magnificent will.

Yutaka Nagahori

Profile of Yutaka Nagahori

He was born in Tokyo. In 1983 he graduated from the medical department, Gunma University and worked as an intern doctor at Yokohama City Community Hospital. In 1985 he started work at Yokohama City University Medical Department.

In 1993 he went abroad to Germany at Hannover Medical College and engaged in the research of adhesion molecules relating to metastasis.

In 1998 he became the head surgeon in the Yokohama City Community Hospital.
In 2005 he became the head surgeon at Yokohama City Minato Red Cross Hospital. 
Since 2008, he holds the present position of Deputy Director and Head of the Surgery Department of Yokohama Marin Insurance Hospital. 

His other credentials are Mentor Instructor at the Society of Japanese Surgeons and the Society of Japanese Gastro-intestine Surgeons. Also Specialist in Oncology, so on.

Good Doctors Net:  Dr. Nagabori Yuu’s Web Site

Library List:

Library List:
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