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When it comes to life, body and soul, we know very little about them. And they are wonderful.

Yutaka Niihara, medical doctor

We know very little about life, body and soul. Although it is hard to admit as a medical doctor, I have to face every day the fact that I know so little about life, body and soul and they are wonderful. I recommend you to treasure them. I believe that if we understand that there is the existence of great love and power, not the power of self, which embraces us; we will find the right cure for the difficult diseases and disabilities.

Yutaka Niihara

Profile of Yutaka Niihara

Medical doctor, Professor of UCLA medical department
Emmaus medical Inc. CEO
Born in Tokyo in 1959. He came to the United State when he was thirteen years old. Graduated from a high school in Hawaii. Graduated from University of Loma Linda(CA) where he majored in religious study and medicine. He has a Master of public health from Harvard University. He became an assistant professor of UCLA medical department in 2000 and founded Emmaus medical Inc. in December of the same year. Has been a professor of UCLA medical department since 2005.

He is the CEO of Emmaus medical Inc. who is developing medicines for sickle cell-disease, which has been known as an incurable disease. He is one of the most notable people in medical community in the United State now.