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Human mind and thoughts can activate the gene function

kazuo murakami


The Snow White Project Supporter
Kazuo Murakami, Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba

Ms Junko Suzuki had had cerebral contusion caused by a train accident involving the JR Fukuchiyama line when the train ran off the tracks. She was one of the passengers and everyone thought she would be in a vegetative state for the rest of her life. However, she has recovered miraculously after being unconscious for more than half a year.

Mr Toshiya Miyata, who had a brainstem hemorrhage, was thought that he would be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life. Because he had a large hemorrhage and in most cases nobody recovers from that state. He is now able to eat from his mouth and practicing to use a wheelchair.

Junko’s mother Momoko listened to my talk on the radio. I told the listeners that human thoughts and mind could activate our genes. By listening to what I said on the radio, she thought, “My love and feelings will reach out and cure her” She had no doubt about it then.

Mr Miyata’s best friend, Ms Yamamoto was the same.
She had no doubt that he would recover and kept doing his rehabilitation.
What Junko and Mr Miyata had in common was that the carer trusted and believed in recovery.
They continued talking, touching and encouraging them to recover.
“We will try everything that we can for their recovery”. I believe that this kind of strong will and prayer can turn the switch of the human gene on.
There are infinite possibilities in the human gene.

I believe that you can turn the switch on by believing and praying for the recovery, and have loving contact with the patients.

I wish and pray that many more people, who have been confined to bed for a long period of time, to recover. Thus, I support the Snow White Project.

Kazuo Murakami

Profile of Kazuo Murakami

He was born in 1936.
Professor Emeritus, University of Tsukuba.
1963 - Attained PhD from Kyoto University, The Graduate School of Agriculture, Agriculture Chemistry.
1963 – Researcher, Oregon Health and Science University, USA.
1976 – Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University USA.
1978 – Professor, University of Tsukuba. He devoted his research to study the gene structure and function.
1983 – He has succeeded to decode an enzyme, “Renin” which is involved in high blood pressure. His achievement commanded considerable attention in the world of medical science.
1996 – He received the Japan Academy Prize.


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