Snow White woke up with prince’s love. Like that, this project is filled with love.

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There is another world beyond our thought.
We just don’t know it.

Akira Ikegawa, chief of Ikegawa clinic

If those people, who have been considered to be unconscious, could actually listen to you and understand what you are talking about, what would you do?
Wouldn’t you talk to them assuming they could understand?
There are some cases that people were considered half brain dead. It was discovered that they could actually hear and think. These types of cases are on the rise.

I believe that we simply don’t know there’s another world beyond the world of our conventional belief and knowledge.
I support the Snow White Project which challenges our general belief with loving approach.

Akira Ikegawa


Born in Tokyo in 1954. Graduated from Teikyo University School of Medicine and Graduated School of Medicine. Doctor of Medicine.
After practicing at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Ageo Central General Hospital as the head of the Department, in 1989, Dr. Ikegawa opened Ikegawa Clinic (Obsterics and Gynecology) in Yokohama City where about 120 babies are born every year. In September 2011, Dr Ikegawa made a presentation on the "memory of mother's womb" at a medical study meeting for the nationwide health insurance doctors. This presentation was introduced in the national press and talked about. Currently Dr Ikegami is helping women to have fulfilled life through the childbirth.

Literary work

"Childrearing starts even when your baby is in your womb" published by Sunmark Publishing, Inc.
"The most simple book of pregnancy and childbirth: Healthy babies" published by Seibido Shuppan.   Co-authored.
"I can recall when I was in my mom's womb" published by Futami Shobo Publishing Co., Ltd.
And more.