Snow White woke up with prince’s love. Like that, this project is filled with love.

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There is something we want to share with you and with as many people as possible.
If you think this “Snow White project” is valuable and would like to help us move forward, please support us by spreading the word between your friends. On this page you will find ways you can help us.
We greatly appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

Snow White Project Team

Please register to support the “Snow White project.”

Please support us by putting our banner with the link on your personal/corporate websites, blog, Twitter, or Facebook profile. Or simply state the phrase “I support the Snow White project” in one of your websites. (here is how you can link the page and the banner)

Then your page and the “Snow White project” page will be linked with each other. This completes your registration as a supporter. Thank you for your support!

Download a flyer and “show-and-tell” to others

Please download a flyer and show and talk about this project & its website to your friends and people you know.
Download the “Snow White project” flyer(PDF) - (only in Japanese.)

Please click “Like it” and “share” on Facebook

1) Click “Like it” on Facebook Page
We have a Facebook account for “Snow White project”. If you have a Facebook account, please visit our page and click “Like it”. When you click “Like it” you will receive update notices made by other supporters. You can communicate with others and exchange useful information.
The “Snow White project” Facebook Page
(It’s described only in Japanese.)

2) Please “Share” the link to our website
If you could “Share” the link to our website with your Facebook friends by posting our web address, we would appreciate it very much. You can “share” by simply clicking the “Like it” or “tweet” button located on the top right hand side of the homepage.
“Snow White project” website

Write about this project on your Blog or set a banner on your web page

Please support us by writing about this project on your blog or post our banner on your web page. Procedures to set a banner depend on your blog system, so please check with your blog provider. For example (Ameblo users)

Please use illustration below for your link or banner.